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Sandslash Large Crystal Pokeball 3D Laser Engraving

Sandslash Large Crystal Pokeball 3D Laser Engraving

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 This amazing Sandslash Crystal Pokeball is the perfect lamp/ night light for all Pokemon fans and trainers alike!

High-Grade K9 Crystal 50MM/80MM Crystal Pokeball
Welcome to our wide collection of Rotating Crystal Pokeballs!

Each Pokeball is handmade and undergoes a special engraving and designing process. Built with high-grade K9 crystal also known as Optical Borosilicate crown glass. After being shaped and smoothly polished, the crystal pokeball is then sent for 3D laser engraving. Here, it is carefully laser engraved with the 3D Pokemon design of your choosing and is then personally tested, to ensure the upmost quality and a full 360 degree 3D presentation.

This process allows the section which has been laser engraved to allow light to be concentrated within it and enables the gorgeous glowing effect when the ball is placed on the Rotating LED base or even in the daytime. The ball is shaped perfectly round with no bumps or bulges and has an incredible feel to the touch when held!

We now arrive at the Rotating LED Light Base - the heart of your package. This is where your Pokemon crystal ball comes alive! Starting from the top, is the glass plate upon which your crystal Pokeball sits on. Directly underneath the glass plate, are the 7 alternating color bulbs which shine brightly through the crystal Pokeball and illuminates the entire room!

The crystal Pokeball and it's Rotating LED light base each compliment each other and work together to deliver an astounding 3D experience. It's the perfect addition to your Pokemon collection, or even for friends and family who love Pokemon just as much as you do. And with our ever-growing crystal Pokeball design catalog, you're almost sure to find one of your favorite Pokemon and bring it to life!

★ Choose your Favourite Character!
★ Fully 3D Engraved
★ Limited Stock!

FANS REJOICE- Fans of any age will love this Rotating LED Crystal Pokeball. The perfect birthday, anniversary or holiday gift for adults, children and teens alike.

PERFECT FOR ANY LOCATION- Bedroom, bathroom, office or college dorm, these LED figures will light each night with a multitude of colors, anywhere. Also an excellent daytime figurine!

Package Includes:
1X Crystal ball
1X Rotating Lighting Base

★ 3 x AA Batteries required for light base

The Pokeball:3.15 inch/8cm
Lighting Base: 1.77 inch/4.5cm


We source only the best K9 crystal for our Crystal Pokeballs, this means no stains or bubbles on the inside.

Guided by fine machinery and expert glass workers, the raw K9 crystal is cut to shape and hand shaved to perfection.



Orders are processed and shipped out within 5-7 business days after purchase. Our Crystal Pokeballs are handmade and made to order.


The Pokeball: 3.15 inch/8cm
Lighting Base: 1.77 inch/4.5cm
Weight: 0.9KG

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